About Us

About Us

Established in 1974, EIH Press has over the years evolved into a world-class integrated press, driven by the latest technology initiatives, stringent quality control measures and highly skilled human resources. It owes its unique position as well as premier status to an extensive investment in infrastructure, technology and human resource, which allows it to handle the entire gamut of print production including pre-press and post-production processes, on an end-to-end basis, with zero dependence on external resources. A distinctive feature of EIH Press is their highly motivated and well-trained staff that provide the customer an exceptionally attentive, personalized and warm service. The Group's commitment to excellence, attention to details and personalized service has ensured a loyal list of customers and accolades.

The Legacy

Late Rai Bahadur
M. S. Oberoi

A brainchild of the late Rai Bahadur M.S. Oberoi, the legendary founder of the Oberoi Group of Hotels, one of Asia's foremost hospitality enterprises, EIH Press had a modest beginning though. Set up on the premises of the 19th century Oberoi Maidens hotel in Delhi's Civil Lines, the press started its journey as an in-house printing facility that supplied stationery to various hotels of the Group.

Until 1995, EIH Press continued to cater to the stationery requirements of the EIH Group of hotels, expanding steadily as the needs of the Oberoi Group grew. As the group expanded and spread across the globe, so did the demands on the press. This called for rapid expansion, technological upgradation and capacity enhancement. It marked the beginning of the transformation process.

A break from the past came in 1996 when EIH Press began offering its services to customers outside the group as well. As part of a growth strategy, it reached out to the banking sector, specialising in handling the stationery requirements of large multi-national banks. It helped them in centralised purchases and obtained, in the process, highly competitive rates for them.

Mr. P. R. S. Oberoi

Mr. P.R.S. Oberoi is the Executive Chairman of the EIH Limited, the flagship company of the Oberoi Group. He is credited with placing Oberoi hotels on the international luxury travellers' map.

Mr. P.R.S. Oberoi, who took on the mantle from Mr. M.S. Oberoi, drove the expansion initiatives with a well-planned growth strategy and backed it up with significant investments. The strategy worked well, creating a focused, efficient and a highly competitive press to cater to a wide variety of multinational companies as customers. Mr. Oberoi is aware of the need to constantly promote quality in every segment of hospitality industry and under his leadership Oberoi Hotels & Resorts have received several international awards and accolades.

As a result, EIH Press transformed itself into a high-performance strategic business unit, offering its services to a host of Indian and multinational customers.

Today, EIH Press presents a remarkable contrast. It now offers the entire range of pre-press processes, print production and post-print production services including high-end scanning, digital image editing, finishing, packing, and delivery on an end-to-end basis without any dependence on external resources. Resultantly, it has acquired a varied range of customers today in its bouquet, from varied business segments like publishing, banking, hospitality, real estate, automobile, fashion, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.


EIH Press seeks to place itself at par with the latest international standards, and to attain market leadership, by offering premium clients the entire gamut of print-related services through a single window.

EIH seeks to realise this vision with its focus on:

  • Market leadership through innovation and top-of-the-line products in terms of finish, refinement, and quality.
  • Maintaining a pool of human resource talent for whom seeking excellence is a passion.
  • Continuous expansion and upgrading of the best technology and software base available globally including automation.
  • Establishing new benchmarks for others to emulate in the printing industry.
  • Expanding its customer base by catering to discerning clients who demand the best.


Mr. P.R.S. Oberoi, the Executive Chairman of EIH, is known for his obsession with quality and perfection. He firmly believes in the mantra "quality follows quality" and has applied it meticulously in every sphere of his life and work.

At EIH Press, we believe that quality is organically synergized, where a number of dimensions are interdependent on each other. Jigsaws in a Quality Puzzle fit each other only when they are compatible. Technology alone cannot produce quality, unless it is supported by efficient people and well-structured processes. These three key elements have been finely balanced across EIH Press, which culminate in high quality.