Why EIH Press

Why EIH Press?

10 Reasons That Give Us The Edge

1. One-Stop Solution

EIH Press is a single-stop printing solution that enhances the client's expectation of high quality and is the right destination for achieving it. This is achieved by a dedicated manpower that possess global sense of aesthetics and for whom printing is passion, not just a job.

2. World-Class Equipment

EIH offers you the world's best in technology: Heidelberg for printing, Muller Martini for finishing, Bobst for packaging, Gallus for flexo printing and so on. The professional printing expertise at EIH Press combines with the state-of-the-art technologies to produce world-class result. No wonder, a majority of the clients who come to EIH for printing solutions are from overseas.

3. Stringent Quality Control

Quality Management presents appropriate guidance that ensures achievement of quality assurance values in an organization. At EIH Press, separate quality control department has calibrated equipment and computers to ensure quality control as an inbuilt process. The unit is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is fully compliant with all processes and systems. This benefits all stakeholders and results in attainment of customers' satisfaction.

4. Passion To Print

Modern machines and cutting-edge technology alone can never achieve precision in printing unless there is passion for the process. Irrespective of unusual time schedules, intense processes and penchant for precision and quality, what keeps the commitment of manpower at EIH Press high is that they execute with passion and commitment.

5. Timeline Is Lifeline

EIH Press, even while guided by the need for realistic timelines, is ready to undertake jobs that come with 'Do It Yesterday' tag. We are conscious of the importance of a client's urgency and we get a sense of accomplishment when the client revisits us for meeting the quality and timeline expectation.

6. Highly Skilled Human Resource

EIH Press takes pride in possessing the best of printing think-tank in the country. Their skills are world-class, training is ongoing and benchmark is periodically raised. World-class technology transfer essentially involves constant training by the technology supplying companies of the world and involvement of their visiting masters to the EIH training workshops.

7. Widespread Network

EIH Press is a part of Oberoi Group of hotels with presence across India and abroad. It never faces any logistics issues of reaching out to the clients located globally.

8. Challenges Are Opportunities

EIH Press has always lapped up the challenges that clients have sprung up since it considers every adversity as an opportunity. All issues related to quality, timeline, packing, or doorstep delivery - we seek to address with ease.

9. Environment Friendly Unit

EIH Press is a socially responsible unit, with stringent environmental processes in place. We have consciously and carefully chosen technologies that are green and earth friendly. From procurement to waste management, our processes are certified Forest Steward Council (FSC) and ISO. These processes are subject to rigorous annual social and technical audit.

10. Transparent Processes

EIH Press follows a transparent process of accountability and commitment to quality, its clients, its employees, to environment and to the laws of the land. The transparent process is ensured through stringent management policies and processes, which are authenticated by various audits. Besides FSC auditing and ISO specifications the processes are driven by ERP. Constant updates and reporting to our clients is a part of EIH ethics.